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分類 国際会議
著者名 (author) Long Niu,Shinsuke Matsumoto,Sachio Saiki,Masahide Nakamura
英文著者名 (author)
編者名 (editor)
編者名 (英文)
キー (key) indoor positioning system; location information; data modeling; location-aware service; API; indoor location query service
表題 (title) Considering Common Data Model for Indoor Location-aware Services
表題 (英文)
書籍・会議録表題 (booktitle) 4th International Workshop on Location and the Web (LocWeb2014)
巻数 (volume)
号数 (number)
ページ範囲 (pages) 25-32
組織名 (organization)
出版元 (publisher)
出版元 (英文)
出版社住所 (address)
刊行月 (month) November
出版年 (year) 2014
付加情報 (note) Shanghai, China
注釈 (annote)
内容梗概 (abstract) Indoor positioning system (IPS) identifies positions of various indoor objects,
and is a key technology to achieve sophisticated Indoor Location-Aware Services (InLAS).
In most conventional systems, InLAS and IPS are tightly coupled.
That is, one system does not supposed to reuse indoor location data and program of another system.
This makes individual systems complex and difficult to manage. To cope with the problem,
we propose Data Model for Indoor Location (DM4InL), which prescribes a common data schema,
independent of implementation of IPS or the usage of InLAS.
The proposed DM4InL represents the location of every indoor object in a standard way,
by using three kinds of models: location, building and object models.
We also design the fundamental API, which implements typical queries to the indoor
location data from external applications. The proposed method achieves loose-coupling of
InLAS and IPS, which significantly improves the efficiency and reusability in the InLAS development.

[10-202]  Long Niu, Shinsuke Matsumoto, Sachio Saiki, and Masahide Nakamura, ``Considering Common Data Model for Indoor Location-Aware Services,'' In 4th International Workshop on Location and the Web (LocWeb2014), pp.25-32, November 2014. (Shanghai, China)

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