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分類 研究会・全国大会など
著者名 (author) Shimpei Soda,Masahide Nakamura,Shinsuke Matsumoto,Shintaro Izumi,Hiroshi Kawaguchi,Masahiko Yoshimoto
英文著者名 (author)
編者名 (editor)
編者名 (英文)
キー (key)
表題 (title) Introducing Multiple Microphone Arrays for Enhancing Smart Home Voice Control
表題 (英文)
書籍・会議録表題 (booktitle) 電子情報通信学会技術研究報告
巻数 (volume) 112
号数 (number) 388
ページ範囲 (pages) 19-24
組織名 (organization)
出版元 (publisher)
出版元 (英文)
出版社住所 (address)
刊行月 (month) January
出版年 (year) 2013
付加情報 (note)
注釈 (annote)
内容梗概 (abstract) We have previously developed a voice control system for a home network system (HNS), using a mi- crophone array technology. Although the microphone array achieved a convenient hands-free controller, a single array had limitations on coverage of sound collection and speech recognition rate. In this paper, we try to overcome the limitations by increasing the number of the microphone arrays. Speci cally, we construct a microphone array network using four separate arrays, and enhance algorithms of sound source localization (SSL) and sound source separation (SSS) on the network. We also conduct an experimental evaluation, where precision of SSL and speech recognition rate are evaluated in a real HNS test-bed. As a result, it is shown that the usage of multiple arrays signi cantly improves the coverage and speech recognition ratio, compared with the previous system.

[9-284]  Shimpei Soda, Masahide Nakamura, Shinsuke Matsumoto, Shintaro Izumi, Hiroshi Kawaguchi, and Masahiko Yoshimoto, ``Introducing Multiple Microphone Arrays for Enhancing Smart Home Voice Control,'' In 電子情報通信学会技術研究報告, vol.112, no.388, pp.19-24, January 2013.

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