There have been nine conferences since 1992.

ICFI was previously a workshop, called Feature Interaction Workshop (FIW).

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Past Conferences

FIW'92St. Petersburg, Florida, USAN. Griffeth, Y.-J. Lin
FIW'94Amsterdam, The NetherlandsL.G. Bouma, H. Velthuijsen
FIW'95Kyoto, JapanK.E. Cheng, T. Ohta
FIW'97Montreal, CanadaP. Dini, R. Boutaba, L. Logrippo
FIW'98Lund, SwedenK. Kimbler, L.G. Bouma
FIW'00Glasgow, ScotlandM. Calder, E. Magill
FIW'03Ottawa, CanadaD. Amyot, L. Logrippo
ICFI'05Leicester, UKS. Reiff-Marganiec, M. D. Ryan
ICFI'07Grenoble, FranceF. Ouabdesselam, L. du Bousquet

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