Invited Talk I

Challenges in Telecom Network Evolution


Fuchun Joseph Lin, Telecordia, USA


Telecom networks have evolved from a circuit-switched architecture to a packet-switched architecture based on IP (Internet Protocol) technologies in the past ten years. Furthermore, telecom services have also evolved from voice centric services to multimedia centric services.

During this evolution, many fundamental concepts have changed. Notably, sessions defined by SS7 protocols are now replaced by SIP protocols that use a totally different service control approach than the one by legacy SS7.

Consequently, a new service architecture called IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based on SIP has emerged as the choice of service architecture for all IP telecom networks of the future. The IMS promises the support of true fixed mobile convergence to allow telecom subscribers access their services from anywhere (roaming and mobility), via any access technologies (either mobile or fixed), and using any devices. Nevertheless, IMS adoption by mobile operators has been very slow.

This talk will provide a high level analysis of modern telecom network evolution and discuss the challenges that are hindering the rapid adoption of new telecom architectures such as IMS. This will then lead to the identification of hot topics now in telecom networks and an evaluation of potential impact of features interaction research in this network evolution.

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