List of Accepted Papers

  • Goals and Conflicts in Telephony -- Kenneth J. Turner and Gavin A. Campbell
  • Online Detecting Feature Interaction of CPL Services -- Lixiang Wang, Jiuyun Xu and Stephan Reiff-Marganiec
  • Feature Interaction Detection in the Feature Language Extensions -- Wu-Hon Leung
  • IMS Service Broker Feasiblity Study in 3GPP Release 8 -- Fuchun Joseph Lin and Raquel Morera
  • Feature Interaction Testing: An Industrial Perspective -- Jameleddine Hassine
  • Detecting policy conflicts by model checking UML state machines -- Maurice ter Beek, Stefania Gnesi, Carlo Montangero and Laura Semini
  • Feature Interactions in Aspect-Oriented Scenario Models -- Gunter Mussbacher, Daniel Amyot, Thomas Weigert and Thomas Cottenier
  • Feature Interactions in a Software Product Line for E-voting -- J Paul Gibson, Eric Lallet and Jean-Luc Raffy
  • Feature Diagrams for Change-Oriented Programming -- Peter Ebraert, Andreas Classen, Patrick Heymans and Theo D'Hondt
  • Feature Interactions in Object-Oriented Effect Systems from a Viewpoint of Program Comprehension -- Izuru Kume and Etsuya Shibayama
  • Feature Interaction as a Context Sharing Problem -- Armstrong Nhlabatsi, Robin Laney and Bashar Nuseibeh
  • Software Security Vulnerabilities Seen As Feature Interactions -- Guy-Vincent Jourdan
  • Interactions among Secrecy Models -- Wael Hassan and Luigi Logrippo
  • Problem-Solution Feature Interactions As Configuration Knowledge In Distributed Runtime Adaptations -- Frans Sanen, Eddy Truyen and Wouter Joosen
  • Semantic-Based Aspect Interaction Detection with Goal Models -- Gunter Mussbacher, Daniel Amyot and Jon Whittle
  • Service Interaction Research in Emerging IEEE NGSON Standard -- Fuchun Joseph Lin
  • Considering Online Feature Interaction Detection and Resolution for Integrated Services in Home Network System -- Masahide Nakamura, Hiroshi Igaki, Yuhei Yoshimura and Kousuke Ikegami
  • Home service specification and validation, a case study -- Lydie Du Bousquet and Jean-Luc Richier
  • Formal Analysis of Smart Home Policies using Compositional Verification -- Narges Khakpour, Marjan Sirjani and Saeed Jalili
  • Feature Interaction Problems in Web-based Service Composition -- Qi Zhao, Jiyu Huang, Xiangping Chen and Gang Huang
  • Web Services Feature Interaction Detection Based on Graph Transformation -- Huili Xuan

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