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CENTER:&size(24){''10th &color(#ff6600){I};nternational &color(#ff6600){C};onference on''};
CENTER:&size(24){''&color(#ff6600){F};eature &color(#ff6600){I};nteractions''};
CENTER:&size(18){Florence, Italy, September, 2009};
CENTER:&size(18){in conjunction with IFIP-WG6.1 FORTE/TESTCOM};
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ICFI2009 is the tenth in a series of international events addressing the issue
of ''feature interactions'' in software and distributed systems.
The seven previous ones were called workshops
(FIW92-2003), but ICFI has renamed itself a conference (ICFI05-),
reflecting the fact that it is the primary event in the field of feature interactions.

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ICFI2009 is planed to be held in conjunction with FORTE/TESTCOM,
conferences of IFIP working group 6.1.

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