*History [#bc5bfd86]


There have been nine conferences since 1992.

ICFI was previously a workshop,
called Feature Interaction Workshop (FIW).

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** Past Conferences [#c802343c]
** Past Conferences
|FIW'92|St. Petersburg, Florida, USA|N. Griffeth, Y.-J. Lin|
|FIW'94|Amsterdam, The Netherlands|L.G. Bouma, H. Velthuijsen|
|FIW'95|Kyoto, Japan|K.E. Cheng, T. Ohta|
|FIW'97|Montreal, Canada|P. Dini, R. Boutaba, L. Logrippo|
|[[FIW'98:http://www.tts.lth.se/FIW98/]]|Lund, Sweden|K. Kimbler, L.G. Bouma|
|[[FIW'00:http://www.cs.stir.ac.uk/~mko/fiw00]]|Glasgow, Scotland|M. Calder, E. Magill|
|[[FIW'03:http://www.site.uottawa.ca/fiw03]]|Ottawa, Canada|D. Amyot, L. Logrippo|
|[[ICFI'05:http://www.cs.le.ac.uk/people/srm13/fiw05/]]|Leicester, UK|S. Reiff-Marganiec, M. D. Ryan|
|[[ICFI'07:http://www-lsr.imag.fr/Les.Groupes/VASCO/ICFI2007/]]|Grenoble, France|F. Ouabdesselam, L. du Bousquet|

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