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The International Conference on Feature Interactions (ICFI) the leading international forum for discussing and reporting on research in the Feature Interaction problem in telecommunications and software systems since 1992.

The conference aims to bring together representatives of the communications industry, the software industry, and the research community working on various aspects of feature interactions in order to discuss possible solutions and their practical applications, as well as setting directions for further research.

ICFI2005 in Leicester, UK 2005ICFI2007 in Grenoble, FR 2007
ICFI2009 in Lisbon, PT 2009

The Feature Interaction Problem

Feature interaction occurs when a feature modifies or influences the operation of another feature, impacting positively or negatively to the overall composite behavior of a system. This phenomenon is not unique to the domain of telecommunications systems where it was extensively studied; it can occur in any software system that is subject to changes as a result of adding new capabilities or modifying existing features.

Although interactions among classical telecommunications features are fairly well understood, the feature interaction problem presents new challenges in emerging types of systems based on policies, social networks, dynamic web services, mobility, IP multimedia communications, or new architectures such as virtualization in cloud computing, ad hoc and peer-to-peer networking.

The constant market driven pressure for rapid introduction of new services and applications across heterogeneous network environments coupled with proliferation of players, disruptive technologies, software/service engineering practices lead to undesirable interactions that threaten product quality, user satisfaction and returns on investment.

New and cost-effective techniques and tools are necessary to cope with the increased complexity of emerging systems in detecting, resolving, preventing, and managing such feature interactions at different stages of the development process as well as the operation of such systems.

(a) FI in Internet Telephony (VoIP)(b) FI in Home Network System

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