The following topics are relevant to the conference but are not exclusive of other relevant issues. Contributions extending beyond the list and addressing other issues related to the feature interaction problem (e.g. classification, taxonomy or benchmarking) are also welcome.

Feature interactions in software systems/applications

  • Components and compositional systems
  • Service brokering and mediation systems
  • Social network and market systems
  • Medical systems
  • Vehicular and transport systems

Feature interactions in services and future Internet systems

  • Converged services and things (“Future Internet”)
  • Service brokering and mediation systems
  • Service and network virtualization in clouding computing
  • Policy-based services and architectures
  • Agent, web services and service-oriented architecture
  • Interaction across SOA layers
  • Application domains for services
  • Service-level agreements
  • Service personalization
  • Quality of service and experience
  • Service availability, reliability and performance
  • Presence/location/contextual services

Feature interactions in emerging telecom and network architectures

  • Next generation Internet
  • Overlay and converged networks
  • Service and network virtualization in clouding computing
  • Policy-based services and architectures
  • Ad hoc, peer-to-peer, sensor networks

Cross domains and cross layers interactions

  • Inter-working across existing networks and domains
  • Interaction across network and service layers
  • Cross layers design
  • Networks partition and joint
  • Multi-provider environment

Current industrial practice and experience

  • New applications and services
  • Feature interaction management
  • Organizational and operational solutions
  • Software and architecture frameworks
  • Business models and processes
  • Legal and regulatory aspects
  • Service-level agreement
  • Needs and Status of Standards

Mechanisms for interaction detection and resolution

  • Off-line methods
    • feature and service modeling, formal validation, testing techniques, software tool support, scalability and efficiency, filtering methods
  • On-line management solutions
    • runtime detection and resolution mechanisms, signaling capabilities, inter-working of domains and platforms

User-centric view on the interaction problem

  • Service personalization
  • Usage scenarios and profiles
  • Behavior modeling
  • User-specified features
  • Quality of experience
  • Service reliability
  • Presence/location/contextual services

Software-engineering view on the interaction problem

  • Notations and languages
  • Requirements engineering
  • Service software design
  • Feature modularity and modeling
  • Quality aspects
  • Privacy and security concerns
  • Agile programming
  • Aspect and feature oriented programming
  • Software superimpositions
  • Software product lines

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