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CENTER:&size(24){''11th &color(#cd0000){I};nternational &color(#cd0000){C};onference on''};
CENTER:&size(24){''&color(#cd0000){F};eature &color(#cd0000){I};nteractions''};
CENTER:&size(24){(ICFI 2012)};
''The conference has been canceled and replaced by a special issue of [[Computer Network Journal:http://www.journals.elsevier.com/computer-networks/call-for-papers/feature-interaction-communications-software-systems/]]. ''
  Article Submission:  24th September 2012
  Acceptance Notification: 26th November 2012
  Final Version: 21st January 2013
  Publication Target: April 2013

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//CENTER:&size(18){4th-5th, September, 2012};~
//CENTER:&size(18){[[University of Stirling, Scotland:http://www.stir.ac.uk]]};~

** What's New?
- Conference is replaced by a special issue of journal. -- &new{Jul. 17, 2012};
- Venue and date are updated -- &new{Feb. 28, 2012};
- The information is updated. -- &new{Feb. 2, 2012};
- The prototype web site is created. -- &new{Jul. 25, 2011};
//- [[List of accepted papers>Papers]] is added. -- &new{Apr. 9, 2009};
//- Notification has been sent to every paper. -- &new{Mar. 10, 2009};
//- Submission deadline was &color(#ff0000){extended again}; about one week. See [[ImportantDates]]. -- &new{Jan. 30, 2009};
//- Submission deadline was extended about two weeks. See [[ImportantDates]]. -- &new{Jan. 13, 2009};
//- [[Submission]] page is opened. -- &new{Jan. 06, 2009};
//- [[Instructions]] page of paper submission is opened. -- &new(){Nov. 26, 2008}; 

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** Welcome!!
ICFI2012 is the eleventh in a series of international events addressing the issue
of [[''Feature Interactions''>AboutICFI#jb653283]] in software and distributed systems.

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The seven previous ones were called workshops
(FIW92-2003). ICFI has renamed itself a conference (ICFI2005-),
reflecting the fact that it is the primary event in the field of feature interactions.

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ICFI2012 will be held in University of Stirling, Scotland.
//, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, where the notion of feature 
//interactions had been invented originally.

//The detailed schedule will be announced when it is determined.

|>|CENTER:&size(10){University of Stirling};|~|
|CENTER:&size(10){Airthrey Castle on the campus};|CENTER:&size(10){Airthrey Loch};|CENTER:&size(10){the Wallace Monument};|

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