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CENTER:&size(24){''11th &color(#cd0000){I};nternational &color(#cd0000){C};onference on''};
CENTER:&size(24){''&color(#cd0000){F};eature &color(#cd0000){I};nteractions''};
CENTER:&size(24){(ICFI 2012)};
CENTER:&size(18){1-3 February, 2012};~
CENTER:&size(18){Telcordia Technologies Inc., Piscataway, USA};~
//CENTER:&size(18){in conjunction with};~
//CENTER:&size(18){[[Distributed Computing Techniques 2009 (DisCoTec'09):http://discotec09.di.fc.ul.pt/index.php?title=Main_Page]]};~
sponsored by
''The conference has been canceled and replaced by a special issue of [[Computer Network Journal:http://www.journals.elsevier.com/computer-networks/call-for-papers/feature-interaction-communications-software-systems/]]. ''
  Article Submission:  24th September 2012
  Acceptance Notification: 26th November 2012
  Final Version: 21st January 2013
  Publication Target: April 2013

//CENTER:&size(18){4th-5th, September, 2012};~
//CENTER:&size(18){[[University of Stirling, Scotland:http://www.stir.ac.uk]]};~

** What's New?
- Conference is replaced by a special issue of journal. -- &new{Jul. 17, 2012};
- Venue and date are updated -- &new{Feb. 28, 2012};
- The information is updated. -- &new{Feb. 2, 2012};
- The prototype web site is created. -- &new{Jul. 25, 2011};
//- [[List of accepted papers>Papers]] is added. -- &new{Apr. 9, 2009};
//- Notification has been sent to every paper. -- &new{Mar. 10, 2009};
//- Submission deadline was &color(#ff0000){extended again}; about one week. See [[ImportantDates]]. -- &new{Jan. 30, 2009};
//- Submission deadline was extended about two weeks. See [[ImportantDates]]. -- &new{Jan. 13, 2009};
//- [[Submission]] page is opened. -- &new{Jan. 06, 2009};
//- [[Instructions]] page of paper submission is opened. -- &new(){Nov. 26, 2008}; 

** Welcome!!
ICFI2012 is the eleventh in a series of international events addressing the issue
of [[''Feature Interactions''>AboutICFI#jb653283]] in software and distributed systems.

The seven previous ones were called workshops
(FIW92-2003). ICFI has renamed itself a conference (ICFI2005-),
reflecting the fact that it is the primary event in the field of feature interactions.

ICFI2012 will be held in Telcordia Technologies Inc., Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, where the notion of feature interactions had been invented originally.
ICFI2012 will be held in University of Stirling, Scotland.
//, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, where the notion of feature 
//interactions had been invented originally.

The detailed schedule will be announced when it is determined.
//The detailed schedule will be announced when it is determined.

|CENTER:&size(10){Township Clock in Piscataway};||~|
|CENTER:&size(10){Telcordia Technologies Inc.};|   |CENTER:&size(10){New York City, close to the conference site*};|
|>|CENTER:&size(10){University of Stirling};|~|
|CENTER:&size(10){Airthrey Castle on the campus};|CENTER:&size(10){Airthrey Loch};|CENTER:&size(10){the Wallace Monument};|

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