* About ICFI [#o185e6e6]

** The Feature Interaction Problem [#jb653283]
Feature interaction occurs when one feature modifies or subverts the operation 
of another one. This phenomenon can occur in any software system that is 
subject to changes; it is becoming a major issue in software product lines.

The proliferation of players and software/service engineering techniques 
coupled with the constant pressure for the rapid introduction of new services 
and applications lead to undesirable interactions that jeopardize the quality 
of the products delivered as well as the satisfaction of the users.

Detecting, solving, preventing, and managing such interactions at different 
stages of the development process are more than ever important problems that 
need to be addressed with cost-effective techniques and tools.

** Application Domain [#uc0735b1]
The feature interaction problem was first studied in the domain of 
telecommunications systems. Although interactions among classical telephony 
features are now fairly well understood, the feature interaction problem 
presents new challenges in emerging types of systems, including

- policy-deriven systems,
- Web services / service-oriented architecture
- home network system
- mobile and ubiquitous systems
- emerging architectures such as Parlay, 3G, .NET
- grid and active networks
- product-line engineering

Techniques successfully applied to conventional telecommunications 
systems are still useful in many cases, yet they may no longer be
able to cope with the complexity of the emerging systems.

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