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RIKEN, Center for Advanced Intelligence Project

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I am mainly teaching software related subjects. Also, I am responsible for enPiT, which is inter-university education program of Japanese Government.

Lectures for Undergraduate School

Software Engineering (Third Year, 3Q)

There are various problems in developing practical and large-scale software.  This course aims to understand the essentials of software engineering, by presenting major issues and their complexity. The goal of this course is to understand the essential problems in software development and to practice typical methods for software requirements and design. The course also cover fundamental knowledge in quality control, testing and human factors.

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Introductory Seminar (First Year, 1Q)

Kobe University has newly started a special seminar as an orientation education for new students entered in all departments and faculties. Through conversations with teachers and seniors, the new students learn and develop spontaneous learning attitudes required in every study field.

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Special English Course of Interdisciplinary Engineering VI: "Pervasive Autonomic System"

This course is presented by Prof. Philippe Lalanda, University of Grenoble Alpes, France.

This course will present the notion of pervasive systems (cyber-physical systems). It will define the requirements of such systems and highlight their main properties. In particular, focus will be put on context-awareness, a major aspect in pervasive computing. The course will present several examples and architectures from the smart home and smart cities domains. The course will also develop the notion of autonomicity for pervasive system. An autonomic system is able to self-manage, which another major requirement for pervasive system. The lecture will be supported by several practices on computer with the iCasa system.

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Computer and Systems Engineering Practice IV (Second Year, 7Q-8Q)

This course concentrates on practicing Java programming language. Topics include basics of Java and Object Oriented Programming, focusing on the implementation. The goal of this course aims to understand the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming, and to learn the object-oriented development, including the use of integrated development environment and class library, code convention, documentation, and testing.

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Lectures for Graduate School Course

Large-Scale Software Engineering

This course describes how the large-scale and complex software is developed, operated and maintained from engineering viewpoints. Specifically, the students will learn the project planning, estimation, structured design. object-oriented analysis/design, testing methods.

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Computational Science Practice I

To have knowledge and skills in computer simulations, including usage of supercomputer systems, parallel programming, and data visualization. To be able to solve a simple problem, such as two-dimensional diffusion problem, by computer simulation. To make a mathematical model, discretize the equation, implement the solver as a simulation code, parallelize it with MPI and OpenMP, run the code on a supercomputer system, and analyze results through data visualization.

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enPiT Education Program

Cloud Spiral (for Master Course)

This course gives an intensive educational course of cloud computing for first-year master course students of 11 universities in Kansai region. The one-year course comprises letures, practices, and project-based learning (PBL). The course also involves unique education method like summer camp as well as distributed PBL. Details can be found in:

AiBiC Spiral (for Undergraduate Course)

This course gives an intensive educational course of Artificial Intelligence, BigData, and Cloud computing for third-year bachlor course students. The mission of the program is to develops technically-grounded students that can solve social problems. Details can be found in:

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