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Towards Super Smart Society

The super smart society (Society 5.0) is the next-generation society, where heterogeneous systems are inter-connected over cyber and physical spaces, to provide advance and sophisticated services for individual citizens. In the super smart society, various systems including IoT, BigData, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Robots, are horizontally integrated to create values.

I extensively use principles of SOA and software engineering to implement practically useful systems and services towards the super smart society. Our mission is to reduce research activities into actual values in the society through practical applications. The recent topics we especially focus on are as follows. More details can be found in Research.

MPAgent: Web service creating personalized virtual agents from pictures

Virtual Care Giver: Virtual Agent for Personalized Home Elderly Care

PRISM: Personalized Real-time Information Service with Security Map

Autonomous Sensor Box for Smart City Environment Sensing

Tales of Familiar: Personalized Narrative Delivery Service Using IoT

CS27-HNS: Service-Oriented Home Network System

Developing Practical IT Human Capitals

In an educational aspect, I am involved in the enPiT project of Japanese Ministry of Education. It is a national education program for practical IT human capital development. In enPiT, students from various universities gather to perform practical exercises and system development through PBL (problem-based learning).

The program where Kobe university participates aims to develop practitioners who can solve realistic problems in our society, especially using AI, BigData, and Cloud technologies. The Cloud Spiral program is currently conducted for Master Course students. A new program AiBiC Spiral will start from 2017 for under-graduate students. More details can be found in Education.

Scenes from enPiT2016

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